Texas Pecan Oil Body & Hair Tobacco Bloom




100% Texas cold pressed Pecan Oil is scented with premium essential oils in a beautiful Tobacco bloom blend. The large 50mL glass bottle will last around 6-8 months of use a body and hair oil. Forget lotions, creams and conditioners that clog your pores and add buildup to your hair.

Pecan oil is the highest in antioxidants and fatty acids, which is what your hair and skin needs to stay balanced in oil production, clear and healthy. You will see a noticeable difference after use. Just apply directly to your skin after the bath or shower. Add a few drops to your hands and work through your wet hair after shampooing, all the way to the ends. For oily hair, avoid the scalp and start working oil in from ear level all the way down to the tips.

Scent: Tobacco Bloom